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hey - sam - tutors/mentors

updated tue 7 mar 00


Sear'nDipPotter on mon 6 mar 00

What a lovely email Elizabet.
One thing that really struck me was your comment:
"> I started into pottery by the seat of my pants at the
> age of 57.
> I knew because of my age, I needed to find the right
> path and not spend
> years floundering"
I started with a mentor, at age 63, and without her, I would be no where.
I feel that same pressure, and if I had to learn without a helpful teacher
and friend, I would not learn nearly what I know now. I live in a place
where I don't/can't have my own kiln, which complicates matters, but the
Guild has good classes and teachers - Sam is one of them. She has taught me
a lot more than I remember unfortunately, but she is patient and kind, and I
have a lot of fun with her too.
Thanks Sam. Of course, you all know that I am speaking of Sam Cuttell -
Maid'O Mud - I am very lucky.