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nceca excitement

updated tue 7 mar 00


Carolyn on mon 6 mar 00

Hi fellow clay people,

I am getting more excited as the days go by, Feb. flew, and March probably
will to. I haven't received my confirmation from NCECA yet so I guess I
will call Regina Brown. As far as what to do in Denver, I have saved the
suggestions on clayart in a packet, there are always things that one could
have done if one knew ahead, but I am inclined to just go and see, take the
great time away in a melieu of other potters as a real gift and just
obsorb. I want to learn more about digital cameras and web sites, I hope
there is a computer booth, of sorts. Also am going to enjoy putting faces
to e-mails. lets all wish for warm sunny weather.

in the middle of mud season sugaring time, Carolyn