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vinyl for studio

updated sat 11 mar 00


Peter Atwood on fri 10 mar 00

Hi All,

I have a large chunk of vinyl that came off of a job that I was on. The
flooring contractor said he was going to throw it away, so I got this huge
8x12 piece of VERY expensive, top-of-the-line Congoleum. Check your local
flooring place and see if they have any free or cheap remnants.

Mine does not get slippery when wet and cleans up like a dream. I have it
under my wheel and it sort of delineates the throwing area. Also protects my
wooden floors (I'm in an old factory building).

Peter Atwood


>From: Erika Benson
>Subject: Re: Paint for studio floor

>What about vinyl for a studio floor? Would that be too
>slippery? I am
>trying to decide what to put on the floor, and would really like
>something I could mop, but paint peels . I know there are
>vinyl floors out there, the kind they use in public buildings,
>that is
>not entirely smooth. Any opinions?

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