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nceca-adams mark hotel

updated wed 15 mar 00


Jeremy/Bonnie Hellman on sun 12 mar 00

Hello fellow NCECA goers staying at the Adams Mark Hotel,

I just got off the phone with the Concierge at the Adams Mark Hotel, named
Charles, a most delightful man. He tells me that the hotel is a beautiful
facility with an outdoor heated pool, and a number of pieces of exercise
equipment including 4 stair steppers, and 4 each of 2 other similar aerobic
exercisers, plus some upper body workout equipment. The exercise room is
open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The rooms have coffee makers in them, plus an iron and ironing board.

For people flying to NCECA, Charles says that if more than 3 people will be
arriving at the Denver airport on the same flight, he can arrange a Town
Car, which is cheaper than the Super Shuttle Big Blue Van, which costs
$17/person. The Town Car costs $50 for up to 3 people. The cost is $55 for 4
people. The other advantage is that the Town Car would take you directly to
the Adams Mark Hotel. If there are more than 4 people, he can arrange a
stretch limo at $8 past the $50. (I'm not sure how that works out, except
that it would certainly be cheaper than the shuttle, and a lot more fun.)

To arrange for direct transportation for 3 or more people, you need to phone
Charles at the Adams Mark Hotel, Phone 303-893-3333. He works Sat, Sun, Mon,
Wed, Thurs.


Jim Cullen on mon 13 mar 00

Just adding my 2 cents...
The Adam's Mark has an art collection that, in the hotel world is par
excellance (in the art world it ain't too shabby either). At least they did
last time I was there.
Hope they don't disappoint me.

Carolyn on tue 14 mar 00

Hi all,
I'll be arriving at Denver around 8:30pm monday evening, if anyone else is
arriving about that time and wants to take Bonnie's suggestion and carpool
to the Adams Mark Hotel in a town car let's do it. meet at the baggage
claim. Actually, I am coming in on Frontier Airlines direct from Boston, so
if you are doing the same let's definately check it out! We could stick up
a NCECA sign or something. It's not really the money I am trying to save, I
just think it would be fun, I met a ladyfriend that was traveling in the
same direction as me in Mexico and we ended up staying at the same hotel
and helping each other out finding our way around.
Hope to hear from anyone who's interested.