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updated wed 15 mar 00


Marie E.v.B. Gibbons on tue 14 mar 00

Hello all NCECA goers . . .
If you are interested in seeing some of the shows that aren't on the bus
tour, and are wondering about how to get to them, I have put together a
little information for you all.

There are a few very very worth your time shows to go see . . .
Justifying the means
sculptural show, all works are done in cold finishes, and not just paints,
there is cement, salt crystal, metalized and even rubberized work. There are
some very very strong pieces ( i think) in this show.
the place: Redshift Gallery 2201 Larimer
there is an opening on the 24th from 5 to 9pm

this is just a couple blocks away from Redshift, a national juried show of
clay . . . sorry i don't know much about this one off hand, but am sure it is
a good one as well.

Both Core and Redshift can easily be gotten to by catching the 16th street
shuttle (you can get that right near the Adams Mark, and take the shuttle
down to Larimer, then just walk from 16th down to 22nd.

INSTALLATIONS - There are 3 great installations and a group show of all clay
works at Edge Gallery. Very nice stuff here!!

Installation and group non functional invitational show at Pirate Gallery
which is accross the street from Edge.
Both of these will also have openings on the 24th.

To get to Edge Gallery and Pirate Gallery at 37th and Navajo from downtown:

Adams Mark Hotel is located on 16th Street and Court Place. Catch the
16th Street shuttle to 16th and Lawrence. From 16th and Lawrence you
can catch three different buses which will take you to within a block of

The Number 38 bus which drops you at 38th and Navajo


The Number 6 bus which drops you at 36th and Navajo


The Number 52 bus which also drops you at 36th and Navajo.

These buses run approximately every 30 minutes. You can pick up a
schedule for exact times at the Market Street Station (16th and Market) or
the Civic Center Station (16th and Broadway).

Hope this helps some of you planning to get to the shows!!

Marie Gibbons