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glaze stabiliy discussion at nceca

updated thu 16 mar 00


John Hesselberth on wed 15 mar 00

Hi everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we will have a discussion on glaze stability
at 2 pm on Thursday in the Axner Hospitality Suite. If you are
interested please come.

And PLEASE bring a copy of your glaze testing results if you have done
any testing. There has been a personnel change at Alfred
Analytical--just as I thought I might have worked out a way for them to
send results directly to me. So I am back to square one on getting easy
access to results--I have to depend on you. The results people have
shared with me or the list so far have been extremely helpful so I am
eager to get more.

See you there. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of people I only know
by email.


And Mel, I seem to remember from last year's banter that you enjoy
martinis. What's your favorite brand of gin?

John Hesselberth
Frog Pond Pottery
P.O. Box 88
Pocopson, PA 19366 USA
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