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japanese teabowls/i have an idea /what ever happened to the home

updated thu 16 mar 00


Anji Henderson on wed 15 mar 00


I had a super duper link, and I cant find it now, but
it gave the information on every season tea bowl and
ceremony and all... I will keep looking.. I have two
that may help some while I am looking for the other...

Renate & all -- my idea
It is funny I was using ends of clay and making tea
bowls just because.. And I thought how I would like to
trade with fellow potters... I would like to have a
shelf of tea bowls from others.. Any one game???

And speaking of trading when am I supposed to send the
mug again?? and to who??


--- Hanspeter Muller wrote:
> ----------------------------Original
> message----------------------------
> I am interested in the japanese bowls which
> are commonly used for
> everyday drinking of tea. I believe they are called
> " yuonomi".
> What are their dimensions and are they
> usually made in pairs, one
> larger than the other?
> Can they be made from stoneware or should
> they be porcelain, meaning
> more delicate?
> I would appreciate any input.... thanks, Renate
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