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mug price

updated thu 16 mar 00


Carrie or Peter Jacobson on wed 15 mar 00

Hello, all.

Is it possible that the price of the mug truly does not matter?

Couldn't the mug be an entry into your work, the handle on a door that opens
onto a relationship that lasts for years, instead of moments?

Think about it. Say you price your mugs relatively low, but you make sure
that you talk to as many buyers as you can, get their names and addresses,
build customer list around them, perhaps you can look at that those mugsas
subsidies on your future.

If the mugs truly are works of art, time-consuming, highly decorated, etc.,
well, you should not price them that low, obviously. But maybe you have two
sets of mugs, the ones that open doors, and the ones that stand as art. Use
the same glazes, same techniques, etc., just simplify on the cheaper ones.
Attract the eyes that like your work, and offer them your world.

Just my 2 cents, or in this case, my subsidized 1 cent.

Carrie Jacobson
Still in Pawcatuck, CT