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nceca delgates: a favour please?

updated thu 16 mar 00


Janet Kaiser on wed 15 mar 00

All you lucky people going to NCECA in Denver...

Would you PLEASE talk to delegates (both Clay Art subscribers and not) about=
Path? Could you get folk interested and inspired to take part? It takes just=
a 4
x 4 inch tile to become a part of The International Potters' Path and we =
another 4000+ tiles to complete this millennium project. It took three years=
get the first 900+ so we could really do with lots and lots of promotion. It
would be really cool if you could all help spread the word. It is a =
opportunity... So many potters and cerambulists all in one place=21 I cannot=
there, but maybe some of you could become volunteer Path Promoters?

It would be great to collar some Canadians too... Not one tile from Canada =
although there are promises...

I hear Bronwyn Williams-Ellis will be at the Cardiff University stand. Bron =
is a
Path Maker and has exhibited at The Chapel of Art. She is a pretty mean tile
maker too... Has done some pretty spectacular commissions both in the UK and
abroad. Bron has also been asked to write a book on tile making by the art
publishers A=26C Black. She is on the look-out for specialist tile makers =
the world, so do go along and have a word with her if you can. She also =
from Criccieth so she can tell you what The Chapel of Art is all about if =
have not visited our web site yet. She has also seen Phase I of The Path and
knows just how much there is still to do.

Anyway, I just thought I would write to the list to enrol more support. =
of the list, Mel J. is going to broach the subject if and when he can, but =
looks like he will be very busy to me. With so many of you buzzing around
perhaps you could do a little Path Promotion too? I would be most obliged...=
rather The Path will be.

Of course all we poor people who cannot go will have a ball too... All sorts=
subversive thoughts and ideas will be expounded in your absence =3Eg=3C

HAVE A GOOD TIME=21 We will look forward to hearing the highlights on and =

Janet Kaiser - Who just learned that road-runners are real creatures and not=
Walt Disney invention.
The Chapel of Art, Criccieth LL52 0EA, GB-Wales
Home of The International Potters Path
TEL: ++44 (01766) 523570