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nceca notes.

updated thu 16 mar 00


Louis H.. Katz on wed 15 mar 00

Dear Clayart,
Last year I sent some notes before the conference and people said it was
useful. I am repeating that this year although I can't find my copy of
last years notes.
1. If you attend the conference attend the meetings and vote.

2. If you want to run for office do it. Nominations are at the Members
Business Meeting on March 23rd
The board Nominees are:
Elaine Henry-President Elect (A six year cycle)
Director at Large (DAL) Michelle Coakes
There is not board nominee for Student Director-at-large.

3. Help, everyone working on the conference needs help. There are things
to carry. Projectors to focus. Lights to turn off. Often one volunteer
needs to be in three places at once.

4. Don't forget your mugs for the Clayart Mug Exchange and the
Fellowship Fund Cup Sale

5. Get to events early if you want good seats. Please do not sit in
seating reserved for the visual or hearing impared.

6. The Continuous Shuttle Tours fill in the beginning, and at the end.
If you wait until the last hour to get a bus back you may be left

7. Bring slides for the Clayart Slide Juroring

8. If you need something to do stop by the clayrt room.

9. Start thinking , preparing, and talking to board members if possible
about Proposals for next year. They are due May 1.

Nominations for Honors, Fellows, and Excellence in Teaching awards are
due April 14.

Emerging Talent Nominations are due usually in October, but the date is
not determined until the May board meeting. A list of deadlines throught
the calendar year can be seen on the NCECA website at
. Scroll to the bottom and click General Annual Calendar.