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a room at nceca

updated sat 18 mar 00


David Dowell on fri 17 mar 00

In a normal year I act as a den mother, of sorts, for a group of students
from Illinois State University and the University of Illinois- Springfield.
As soon as the host hotel is identified I reserve two rooms to accommodate
them. This year I find that none of them is attending NCECA. So, I have
two rooms , Tues.- Fri., at the Adams Mark. I'll be sharing one room with a
roommate Wed.- Fri. I'll be alone in that one on Tues. I would like the
second room to go to a needy Clayarter. Otherwise, I'll just cancel it. I'm
leaving for Denver today (mar 17) because I'm a baldheaded potter and am
helping install our show at the Artists on Santa Fe Gallery . We're on the
bus route. If you are interested in any of this I'll be hanging around the
Adams Mark reception desk from 4p.m. to 5p.m., Tuesday March 21. I'm a
little guy with graying beard and ponytail. I'll be wearing a Baldheaded
Potters cap and have a rose in my teeth. No, wait, forget the rose. See
all you people in Denver! Dave Dowell