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updated sat 25 mar 00


Gerlach Baas on mon 20 mar 00

Hello everyone,

Soon I will be traveling to the south of Spain;
visiting Sevilla, Ronda, Cordoba and Granada.
Can anyone tell me where to see contemporary
studio ceramics that is not part of the folk art?
It would be appreciated if you could help me
Thanks for your trouble.

Best regards,

Gerlach Baas.
The Netherlands. on fri 24 mar 00

Hi friends,

I've read the post by Gerlach Baas and I'd like to answer to his letter.

In first place Spain -and Andalousie my region- have a old ceramic
In my humble opinion, there are quite a good ceramic here but almost all of
it is traditional ceramic (majolica, tiles, etc. etc.) and the better is
ceramics of other times. Indeed, I know few contemporary studio ceramics
that is not part of the folk art. Here High fire (stoneware...) is almost
not made.

Now I remember only to one ceramist that I met many years ago, his name is
Josi Luis Aragsn and he lives in Conil (Cadiz). He has his ceramic studio
and school there. I've just phoned him in order to ask him about your
question too. He said me that there will be not problem at all if you like
meet him but you would phone him before you arrive.

As far as I am concerned, since years ago I've worked in other things and
taught ceramic too but I've had few time for making my creative ceramic
work, although I'd like to continue it soon.

Sorry, Gerlach but I have not more information about this question. Anyway
I am sure that you are going to enjoy your travel to Spain. We have a lot
of beautiful things, art, food, wine, wheater, ceramic, etc.

When are you coming to Spain? If you like, I could show you some things

I can read English well but my writing and mainly my speak are not good.

Best regards from Jose in (Seville) Spain.