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being professional. was now mug price (--price of clay)

updated fri 24 mar 00


iandol on thu 23 mar 00

Extract from a posting by Nina Jones..

But, Andrew, at least for me, it would not be fair to count this as =
of shipping as I enjoy my visits to my supplier. It would be like counting =
cost of visiting a friend.

I accept that we build benefical relationships with suppliers and customers
which are beyond the value of pearls. However,if the IRS accept delivery and
collection charges as a legitimate expenses against gross income, then it is
prudent business sense to account for them in your returns. If you are not =
the right things, business wise, and the IRS audit you, their accountant may
consider you are not operating as a Business. They may class you as making
income from your hobby. Might be embarrassing.

Ivor. Who has made his peace with the ATO before the advent of GST on July =