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clay education in vancouver?

updated sat 25 mar 00


centa on thu 23 mar 00

A friend of mine is wanting to receive an education in ceramic
art/sculpure, living in Vancouver, and spending part time in
Saltsprings. Any suggestions, besides Robin Hopper's school in Victoria,
which I assume is a great summer opportunity but perhaps more geared
toward pottery than she has an interest?


Gari Whelon on fri 24 mar 00

The Shadbolt Centre has ongoing classes with very good instructors who make
wonderful pots and their living in clay, Kwantalin college and Capilano
college have good programs, Emily Carr institute of Art and Design is
another option.

Your friend should shop around and see what best fits where she is right

A place to start might be the BC potters Guild at She can
check with them on other sculptors and get more in depth advice.

She could also contact me if she needs info about opportunities on the mid
island. There are some good workshops coming up at the Arrowsmith Guild in
Parksville, and Metchosin has Jeff Oestreich in a few weeks. There is a
huge clay symposium at the Shadbolt in Vancouver this weekend but I believe
it is sold out.

Hope this helps

Gari Whelon
Proletariat Pots
Nanaimo, B.C.

Back from Hawaii sigh!