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kerosene burner-any answers?

updated tue 28 mar 00


jcjm on mon 27 mar 00

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> To jump right into the heart of the story;
> I was bequeathed this way-old kerosene burner that was used to heat up a
> kettle, I suppose filled with water. It came with instructions and an
> asbestos wick. It has a long "goose neck" which all looks like iron pipe
> fitting to me. The burner itself is a continuation of this pipe which
> twists into itself to make a coil and then reverts back to the beginning
> the coil where it ends with the orifice facing the end of the coil ready
> shoot out. The coil is also welded to a pan underneath it which is to heat
> the coil up with the kerosene before opening the valve and sending a
> I hope you are still following me. I could do a much better job drawing
> it. The instructions say to use kerosene, which would be in something
> a 100lb tank that you would pump up to pressurize it. The instructions
> "works on the same principle as a plumber's blow torch" and it is dated
> December 1955. The company is called "Aeroil" in South Hackensack, New
> Jersey. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? I would like to know
> it is safe
> the burner could withstand cone 06-04 firings
> I can find this tank somewhere
> it would require a blower
> Any clayarters in South Hackensack New Jersey? This thing just looks too
> cool to me.
> I really appreciate any help you can give me. thanks
> j-m