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updated fri 28 jan 05


Murray & Bacia Edelman on tue 28 mar 00

I want to take this opportunity to say that the presence of mel, nearly
full-time in the Clayart room, was amazing. He took it on as a full-time
job, it would seem, and I am sure he enjoyed it, but it was a job, and one
well-done. Thanks, mel.

The rest of my report will have to wait. I had a super time and enjoyed
hanging out some with dear friends met through NCECA yrs. ago: Russel
Fouts, Carla Flati, my roommate, Marta Gloviczki who isn't quite on
Clayart, and meeting so many people I had not met in the past. And meeting
and chatting with cyberbud: Joyce Lee!!!

Regards to all. Bacia

Bacia Edelman Madison, Wisconsin

mel jacobson on sun 3 mar 02

i want to remind all of you that the clayart room
will have a sign on the door that will say:

in memory of a dear, wonderful friend of many of us.

alice was the wife of feriz delkic of itc.

the clayart room is a place for friends to gather,
relax and meet claybuds face to face.

i will try and be there as much as i can to greet you
and make you welcome.

acers again has agreed to pick up the tab for the clayart room.
i must put it on my visa, and then send in a voucher.
acers as a non-profit cannot sponsor and pay the bills.
i can...and can submit back payment.
it is a libel condition. please respect that.
i am pleased to do it as i have done now for 6 years.
this is a valued venue. it is for all of you.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
web site:

Joyce Lee on thu 5 feb 04

As of now, the Clayart Room will be on the lobby
floor of the conference hotel, The Marriott
Downtown. Next time I get out the floorplan
I'll give more specific information, although this
is most likely enough. =20

The Marriott has been very receptive and
helpful about giving us the space we need.
The only limitation is money which does
determine the size of the room. Please don't
offer money..... for no matter how much we
have, there must be a budget and we must
remain within it.

In the Mojave

Joyce Lee on tue 17 feb 04

Things are looking up for the slide show being
in a larger room. We've received several offers
of donations which, providing the space is
available, will enable us to go Bigger...... Russel
from Brussels will be pleased.

In the Mojave where I had an extra 500 ft of
the expensive kind of chain link fence added
in order to keep the dogs from the next acreage
to the south ...
a rottweiller and his
sidekick ...... away from the westie ......
who watches
and waits for them to show up so she can
chase them back under or over the field wire
fence ...... she doesn't seem to recognize that
she has stopped growing, is very short and that
they are many times her size.... and that
size wins over cute.

It worked. BUT
yesterday morning there were FIVE other dogs in her
space...... all kinds: dachshund, German Shepard
and various others. I think they were attracted
by all the fence goings-on and came in under the
old gate on the north side, which nobody ever
uses, including dogs. Irony of ironies, eh? They
weren't here this morning ...... so maybe they
saw their fill.

Joyce Lee on thu 19 feb 04

I regret to say that all community/hospitality
rooms at the
conference hotel are now=20
occupied for the length of the conference.
We're even having a few groups asking if they
might "sub-lease" Clayart's space since they
can't get into a room of their own. We
can't do that, of course, but understand the
frustrations that seem to be everywhere.=20
I'm grateful that we were fortunate enough to
make it under the wire ourselves, and that=20
we were
able to reserve a larger room for the one=20
night of the Mug Exchange.

However, it IS too late for us to trade up for
a larger room for the slide show. We tried,=20
the hotel staff is very cooperative......
but the space isn't there. =20

In the Mojave where the fence company rep
just gave me a reasonable estimate for a
new front gate with a
solar-powered automatic opener.... goodness
knows we have the power! Looks as if I will
be staying in this
desert abode ...... it's too big for one...... but
being able to operate kilns is a major plus.
Eventually I'll NEED the automatic .... might
as well get it now. Decisions are my bane
these days. After years&years of being sure=20
I was Always Right, or at least that was my usual
feedback ...... suddenly a lack of
assuredness is creeping in..... and wouldn't
THAT get a guffaw from #1 Support Person .....

Joyce LEE on wed 26 jan 05

Many are asking............ so..

The Clayart Room in Baltimore will be in:

Day's Inn Inner Harbor, Hopkins Place
(This is the Day's Inn closest to the Convention Center.)
Telephone: 410-576-1000

There may be rooms still available.

The name of the Clayart Room is the Harbor Room.

Our sponsor is Potters Council, as it was last year.

This was confirmed today so we should be in good shape.
Barbara Brown and I reserved the last meeting room
available back in April, which is very early for making such
reservations. Glad we did. The room is smaller than the
largest rooms we've had ..... but larger (definitely) than
the smallest rooms. =20

Potters Council meetings will be held in the Clayart Room.

Cheryl Litman will repeat her task as Mug Exchange=20
Coordinator along with David Hendley and their
committee. =20

Fun will reign!

In the Mojave where it's overcast day after day (about
3 days now)..... the snow has melted on our part of
the Sierra Nevada mountains...... and the normally fearless
didn't want to walk in the Raddamacher Hills behind the
college.... apparently the rain stirred up new smells which
did not please her.... coyotes probably..... her legs are
short but she covered ground rapidly as she ran back to
the safety of the car. Or could she have sensed portents of
an earthquake? Hope not......

Veena Raghavan on thu 27 jan 05

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for the information. I am so looking forward to meeting as many
Clayarters as possible, people I met in Charlotte and those I have never had a
chance to meet before. It will be wonderful to meet you again. I still remember
your demo of the mini wheel in the Clayart room!

See you all in March.


In a message dated 1/26/2005 11:26:36 PM Eastern Standard Time,
joycelee1@VERIZON.NET writes:
> The Clayart Room in Baltimore will be in:
> Day's Inn Inner Harbor, Hopkins Place
> (This is the Day's Inn closest to the Convention Center.)
> Telephone: 410-576-1000