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nceca reflections

updated thu 30 mar 00


John Hesselberth on tue 28 mar 00

My first NCECA. I arrive full of trepidation. I don't think I know a
soul except by Clayart and email. I volunteered to talk on glaze
stability--will anyone show up?? I don't see a person I know in the
registration line, but my fore and aft neighbors seem pretty friendly.
Get to my room--Ron said to call as soon as I got there. Hello, is this
Ron? Why no I don't have plans for dinner; I'd be happy to join you and
Lucy. Met Bob at dinner. Talked about the glaze stability session. How
many people have to show up for you to consider it a success? 15-20.
Gee, wish I'd said 10. Met mel; found out he's just a warm, cuddly teddy
bear. He's welcoming everyone. Used to call that smoozing in my old
job, except mel is genuine about it. Smoozers aren't. The Clayart room
is full of people. Happy people, laughing people, friendly people,
potter people, lots of people. What a neat place. Ooh, Axner is giving
their workshops and book signings excellent publicity. A color flyer and
they are handing them out everywhere. Maybe 15 will show up. The bus
trips are really great. Lots of great pots and more friendly people.
And the formal sessions are great--lots of good ideas and beautiful pots.
Tool doctors was the absolute best--David, Vince and Jack led the way--,
but there are lots of other good ones. And the Japanese drummers: truly
a beautiful and stimulating work of art. Could have listened to them all
night, but I bet they are dog tired after that performance. But I'm
getting ahead of myself. It is time for the discussion on glaze
stability. Bonnie, if by any chance the room does fill up would you take
a picture so I'll have proof? Where's the projector? Are my charts in
order? Which sample is which? Heidi, that's a really great pot with
Xavier's Warm Jade Green on it. What, the room is full!! Hallelujah!!
Don't know exactly how many came, but I gave away 40 sets of charts. And
several told me they couldn't get in the room so they gave up. Does this
conference have to end? It is so stimulating. It is Friday evening now
and you can tell NCECA is winding down. The mug exchange is super. Got a
great mug from Jeanette. Thank you Jeanette. mel cracked the whip. Got
all of us lined up in the hall dutifully waiting our turn. What was it
mel? Backs to the wall, hands on your knees and no talking? We weren't
quite as obedient as I'm sure his high school students were. I don't
want it to end. But on the other hand, I have so many ideas of things I
want to try I can't wait to get home and get to work.

Now that I am home and reflecting on the NCECA experience I can only
offer a few comments. 1. It is the best conference I have ever attended
and it will become a permanent part of my March agenda. 2. The
welcoming environment was just outstanding. I have so many new friends
plus I can now put a face (and as Joyce said, an accent) to lots of
Clayart friends. 3. Make a commitment to yourself right now that you
will be in Charlotte in 2001--I intend to be there and I'm sure hundreds
of other clayarters will be also. 4. Thanks to everyone who, over the
years, has made NCECA such a stimulating and inclusive experience. You
deserve our everlasting thanks. John

John Hesselberth
Frog Pond Pottery
P.O. Box 88
Pocopson, PA 19366 USA
EMail: web site:

The only things in life that are certain are death and taxes; however
only taxes come once a year. Anonymous

Jeanette Harris on wed 29 mar 00

>The mug exchange is super. Got a
>great mug from Jeanette. Thank you Jeanette.

You're quite welcome, John.

You can see one of my teapots in the Gallery area of Clay Times--can't
remember the issue, but it's got Robbin Hopper on the cover.

Delighted that you had a good conference.
This was my third one and ranks right up there with Ft. Worth.

See ya in Charlotte.

Cheers, Jeanette

>John Hesselberth
>Frog Pond Pottery
>P.O. Box 88
>Pocopson, PA 19366 USA
>EMail: web site:
>The only things in life that are certain are death and taxes; however
>only taxes come once a year. Anonymous