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nceca impressions continued

updated thu 30 mar 00


Joyce Lee on wed 29 mar 00

Bad form, probably, but I dashed in and out of several panel
discussions. I couldn't totally absorb these wonderful interactions
because I was so eager to move on to the next riveting
demo/presentation/exhibit. The ones on English Bone China and another on
Sacred Ceramic Arts of Africa intrigued me the most.......I'm not even
sure why. The simultaneous demos by Paul Dresang, Amara Geffen and
Doug Jeck bound me in such a spell that I remained for two hours and
returned again the next day for their followup. The video taping of the
demos, which was shown on very large screens on either side of the stage
and focused on the hands at work, was absolutely superior! The only
other such I've seen was at NCECA Las Vegas. This process has come a
very long way since then. In between I visited the extruder exhibit
room, mug rooms, and contemplated which extruder to order as I browsed
the exhibitor room....with periodic trips to Floor 22 for hugs, smiles
and teasing in the Clayart room (How come antiquated ladies with crooked
toes are so readily teased, anyway? Kindly done, of course; these are
clayarters, after all) .....and next door to the Axner Hospitality Room
to peruse their books and get a front, soft seat for Nils Lou's throwing
demo ... an underglaze demo....and one on paperclay......all done
extremely well. Drat! I missed Mel's ITC presentation for Axner after
clearing my decks just to attend.....the time was changed and I JUST
missed it!! Reportedly, it went very well, indeed, even without me, with
a crowded room and much expressed interest. What did I buy, you've
asked? The Potter's Workbook.....not the advanced, and not because I
couldn't handle it...but because the first one is the better one by far,
which sometimes happens; as we all know, the sequel often doesn't
compare with the original. I ordered the Bailey 9" power
extruder............but was really tempted by Scott Creek's biggest
extruder. If I hadn't been honor bound to #1 Support Person to buy an
extruder THIS TRIP, get it over with, and then quit yammerin' about it,
I'm not sure just how the scales would have tipped. I'd researched the
Bailey ad nauseum and know I'll love it.......but that Scott Creek was
tempting, too.

People???? Ahhhhh.....Liz the Willowy and Dannon the Serene were exactly
as I'd pictured them. Doug Gray was a total surprise AND from my
original wooded Appalachian mountains....born only 60 miles from my
childhood home...but decades apart, of course. It was fantastic to
finally meet Bacia and I loved her roomie, Marta, also; Mel was just as
he seems on Clayart. Most definitely, what you see is what you get
plus.....warm, bright, clever, fun...easily switches from serious to
humorous....intellectual to comedic. Ron Roy's quick wit and warm smile
were a surprise...not sure why...younger than I'd expected, too, or is
it that I'm just that much older? Ran into Robin Hopper who was
extremely warm and gracious. Jim Bowen who shared his experiences in my
exact part of the Mojave. Sitting with John Hesselberth (and positioned
just in front of my lovely author/friend Diana Pancioli whose extruder
book sold out first day, I heard) for Emerging Artists presentation was
an unexpected treat. One of the joys of Clayart is looking at the badge,
recognizing the name and feeling immediately small
talk, nor bull**** necessary. New buds: Jeri Palmer, Linda Blossom,
Terry from Nottingham England, Paul Lewing (much younger than I'd
imagined and charming), Cheryl, Bonnie, all the Alaskans, the aussies
and New Zealanders, one lady from Wales with whom Karen Fisher, June
from B.C. and I wound up in a Sports Bar because somebody insisted on
STEAK (need red meat now) on Saturday night in the big city....we had no
reservation and were told we wouldn't need one in this other
"restaurant" just 2 blocks over (NOT; about 6 long blocks up and over)
....soon discovered why; well, this is a tale all by itself......with 3
tvs blaring and everybody else yelling madly in my choice
language I hadn't heard working in a high school; just never so close to
my person) loved the company, food was good, experience was most

In the Mojave anxious to get started in the studio but unable to stop
admiring and patting the embarrassment of riches added to my Clayart
collection in Denver.......