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thanks for nceca reports

updated thu 30 mar 00


Veena Raghavan on wed 29 mar 00

Dear NCECA recently returned Clayarters,
I would like to thank everyone who has posted or is going to post
about their experiences on NCECA. Apart from the fact, that you make me
green with envy, it is so interesting to hear about it. A Clayart friend
has told me I should really try to make it next year, and I would certainly
like to try. Reading your posts makes me even more eager to do so. It would
be such fun to meet so many of the "names" that have personalities but no
And, Mel, I have an advance description of you, warm and cuddly!
Thank you all.

Enjoy experimenting and trying out all those new idea.

All the best.


Veena Raghavan