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last nceca impressions #3

updated sat 1 apr 00


Joyce Lee on thu 30 mar 00

You've encouraged me to add one more post so I will. Can't possibly
cover the Tool Doctor show, however, except to say that the content and
delivery were THE BEST......and they were all OUR guys....and we noisily
claimed ownership. Did love David's comment that his dad had always
wanted one of his sons to be a doctor so, "This one's for you, Dad."
Tool Doctors Rule!!! (No matter how ancient I am, can't get away from
that high school background.......sorry......will try to control it.)

The shuttle and tour transportation to galleries, museums and shows was
exemplary. I wish I had discovered their convenience earlier, but don't
know from where the extra gram of time would have come. Shuttles left
from just outside the Adam's Mark every FIVE minutes on Wed. and every
fifteen minutes on Saturday. We simply showed our badges and got on;
return trip the same way. There was no requirement to stay with or
return with a particular group .... just walk out and climb on the
shuttle. Pay your five bucks at registration and use as often as you
please! I only managed to go twice......once to the Arvada Center for
the Arts and Humanities, where, like you, I could have roamed all day.
There in the Faculty and Studio Assistants Show, I was fortunate enough
to meet Connie Christensen, faculty member, who (being a Clayarter!)
gave me a guided tour of the kilns and work areas. Her work was
exquisite! Connie is another of our self-described "shy" lurkerfolk who,
in fact, one-to-one is incredibly warm and gracious. The Student Juried
Exhibition of undergraduate and graduate work in clay from Colorado,
Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Utah and Wyoming was as innovative and
exciting as I had expected it to be. I love the take-a-risk-any-risk
approach of almost any student show and this was one of the best!

Many of us took advantage of the breakfasts the hotel offered from carts
in the registration center......inexpensive yogurt, bagels, beverages
etc were often welcome rather than the heavier and more expensive dining
room fare (which was also good, by the way). Again......nobody to talk
with over yogurt, and I'm in a chatting mood??......look for the little
orange dot on our badges.......find a clayarter......quick rapport

Mug exchange? I took two....forgot that one was meant for the NCECA
sale.....and put both on Clayart table. Sooo I received mugs from
Jim Bob Salazar AND Ann Tschoerner, both from Dannon's section of Texas!
I'm so glad that I sought them out so I can picture them when I drink
from their works. Two lovely mugs, different from one another, but both
high quality.........just like their creators. Mine were okay/soso. One
was glazed with Angel Eyes, in this case looking somewhat like Woo
Blue....and the other was bottom third cracked shino on brown clay, with
Tallow Matt on inside and top third. Mel critiqued (in answer to my PLEA
for an honest opinion) that the handle could be improved (and WHY did I
want it to be "wavy"?) and that I should drop that bottom glaze. I
really appreciated his response, truly, and expected the kindly truth,
which was what he delivered..........but I still had a great deal of fun
telling EVERYBODY how cruel he'd been as they told me what a great mug
it was! He said that they were just being "nice."

As I left Denver I had wait time to really examine the controversial
roof on the "new" Denver airport. At first I was appalled. As I sat and
looked at the Arabianesque tentlike cones, light and airy high above our
heads, I began to appreciate the time I left it was one of my
favorite environments.....much like my shino experience.

In the Mojave worded out..........going out to chase away the attack
dove who took over the studio while I was gone.....

Connie Christensen on fri 31 mar 00

I'm probably ruining my image as a shy lurker by responding, but
thanks Joyce for the kind words.

It was my first experience in the clayart room and I was probably
still behaving like a lurker there, but I met some wonderful people.
Joyce is great and so is mel, I got a very nice mug from Kathleen
Gordon in the mug exchange and talked to Paul Lewing who will be doing
a workshop at the Arvada Center this summer, so I now have faces to go
with names I see on clayart.

I had wanted to talk to Ron Roy about a "glaze from hell" that I like,
but I just couldn't get myself to go up to him and introduce myself
and ask a question, maybe next time - you don't look intimidating Ron,
I just have to work on getting over this "shy" thing. I'll try to post
the question to the list.

I promised mel I'd try to contribute more, so here's my contribution
mel, even though it's kind of goofy. And I'll even promise to ask that
glaze question (sometime during the next year).

(where it's snowing today in Denver)