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nceca thoughts, and wendy rosen

updated sat 1 apr 00


vince pitelka on fri 31 mar 00

I really have to support Louis Katz for his excellent post affirming that
NCECA works extremely hard to deliver a good conference, and that the
conferences have improved steadily over the years. There have been halmark
conferences, like Philadelphia, but that's the way it goes. One would
expect Philadelphia to deliver more than most cities.

I agree with Mel's post regarding Wendy Rosen. Wendy has done as much as
anyone in this country to give the professional craftsperson a very good
livelihood. She is so generous in sharing information, and is a tireless
promoter of fine craft.

But Wendy, as you konw, NCECA is composed of a bunch of artists and
academics, most of whom have full-time jobs in addition to whatever they do
to pull the conference together every year. NCECA may always be a little
rough around the edges, and frankly, I would not want it any different. The
organization has great personality, and considering what it takes to pull
something like this together, they do an extraordinary job. You may be the
consummate craft-show organizer, and the Buyer's Market of American Craft is
as slick a craft-marketing venue as has ever appeared in this country, but
consider the resources and full-time staff you have to pull it all together.

My perspective is that NCECA does an excellent job, and I always feel that
the conference is a trememdous bargain.
Best wishes -
- Vince

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