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mug exchange at nceca

updated sat 8 mar 03


Catherine Jarosz on sun 2 apr 00

Hi I wasn't able to attend the conference :o( but I did bribe a local
college student to bring a mug of mine to the exchange... I haven't heard
from her yet :o( and was really curious if she even was able to stop by
deliver my mug or if she knew if she was supposed to stick around and get one
too!!! I've never attended a nceca conference so am pretty clueless
about the process and couldn't help much with any explainations on how it
works ... hoping that in the welcome package there was some imfo on this
project for the uninitiated folk attending... did anyone get a Cat mug ???
thats my name on bottom of mug, that and the yr made.... Chris Schafale has
a web site for the stay at home mug exchange that I participated in if
someone needs a clue to the mug ... I'm in there ..... really hoping to
hear from the girl that brought this mug for me as I really am clueless on
how to contact her outside of disrupting the class one of these days...
would love to know who took my mug home also :o) any clues??? ps Cat's
Stoneware Studio business card in mug ......... thanks Cat Jarosz

Russel Fouts on fri 4 may 01

I'm really late with my Clayart and an kind of reading it randomly. I
suppose this was already said but I just have to put my 2 francs in.

After several years of the mug exchange, I think people are finally getti=
the idea that a "mug" is whatever you decide is a mug. For most people, i=
a small, low priced item from their "range". For most people these happen=
be mugs. But a lot of people don't do mugs or even functional work.

I doubt that Vince's ocarina would be low priced if he chose to sell it n=
would be Amber Pelish's ray guns that appeared several years ago (still w=
one of these!) but these were what they wanted to share of themselves wit=
their clayart friends.

I actually started making my little sake cups for the mug exchange. The
request for a "mug" pushed me to create those cups (though I didn't feel =
need for a handle). This is a good thing also, maybe extend your range a

So, for the exchange, lets not get hung up on a strict idea of a mug.
Basically, it's what you want to share with your clayart friends. Stay
creative with the idea of your "mug", be it cup, bowl, box, tiles, ocarin=
raygun, salt+pepper shakers, a broach, whatever. Next year, I might bring
small, carved boxes. They're a lot easier to carry in my baggage.

If you want to trade a 2 metre monumental, paperclay scupture (John Eden)
for a mug and I get it, you might want to help with shipping. ;-)

In another light, I was very disturbed when I saw a late-comer draw a mug=
decide they didn't like it and draw again.

I, by the way got Tom Buck's.


Russel Fouts
Mes Potes & Mes Pots
Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 2 223 02 75
Mobile: +32 476 55 38 75

Tom Buck on fri 4 may 01

Russ & others:
what Russel didn't add: Tom Buck's "mug" is a whimsical,
two-handed mug that could easily pass as a sake cup. Most times I do not
make mugs but I made one specially for the Clayart Exchange, and I used
Cushing's "c4-5 weird matt" (nice orangey tone) on the outside, Hansen's
5x20 base glaze (+tinox) on the inside. So if Russ ever gets the urge, he
can drink hot sake from it, and enjoy. I am delighted he "won" it in
the auction.
bye for now. peace. Tom.

Tom Buck ) tel: 905-389-2339 (westend Lake Ontario,
province of Ontario, Canada). mailing address: 373 East 43rd Street,
Hamilton ON L8T 3E1 Canada

Cindi Anderson on tue 26 feb 02

Do we have to sign up to participate in the Mug exchange at NCECA? Or do we
just bring our mug?

Kathleen Gordon on thu 6 mar 03

The NECEA mug exchange will be in the clayart room at 6pm on friday.
Please bring any clay thing that is less than 9"x9' to the clayart room
BEFORE 5pm friday... at 6pm we will hold the exchange. The clayart
room will be closed from 5 to 6 so that we can get the exchange
organized so it will go real real fast...
When you bring your mug... attach a card to the handle of the mug with
your name and firing information put a loose card inside the mug.
IF you want your name published in clayart look for the red notebook
and PRINT your name in it and it will be published as someone who took
part in the exchange...if you DO NOT want your name please DO NOT eave
your name on the list.
Plan to stay after the takes about 30 minutes and then
come back into the clayart room and meet the maker of your mug...

if you have any question or concerns you can contact me at me
email anytime before tuesday when i head down the
california coast to san diego. Looking forward to seeing you all at the
kathleen gordon