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updated mon 3 apr 00


Jonathan Kaplan on sun 2 apr 00

Hi Louis:

You know, with all the bitching and moaning from the list, you guys did a
really good job.

Considering all the variables involved, everyone deserves some praise. And
you know, sure I found things I didn't like. So what!!. Nothing is ever

But with all the complaining, I just feel you all don't get the praise you
most surely deserve.

Keep up the good work!!


Jonathan Kaplan, president
Ceramic Design Group
PO Box 775112
Steamboat Springs CO 80477
voice and fax 970 879-9139

Plant Location:
1280 13th Street Unit 13
Steamboat Springs CO 80487
(please use this address for all deliveries via UPS, comman carrier, FEd
Ex, etc.)