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nceca pre-conference 2001

updated thu 6 apr 00


Kip Whelan on wed 5 apr 00

First, a short note about sometimes not getting your message to Clayart when
you are responding to an e-mail. Some people on Clayart have a reply go to
them off the Clayart list and when you "reply to sender" you are replying to
them and not to the list. Case in point, a message I thought was going to
the List when I responded to something Louis Katz had sent went directly to
him. Fortunately he had the information I needed so didn't send it to the

Second, about NCECA pre--conference. While on the shuttle back to the
airport after the NCECA conference I heard that there might be plans to have
a three day pre-conference in Charlotte because of the long ceramic history
of the area. Louis directed me to Jim Connell, conference chair for the
next NCECA. Jim said there are plans by the Mint Museum of Craft and Design
in Charlotte for a pre-conference symposia and both Seagrove and the
Ashville/ Penland area have plans in the works. They are going to try and
get the information out early so people can make plans. Thought everyone
might want to know so they could maybe make plans to attend some of these
events instead of finding out to late to make appropriate plans.

I thought the conference was great but again to much to see, to many people
to talk to and not near enough time to do it all.

Kip Whelan