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smooth tile texture (was:tile artists?)

updated thu 6 apr 00


Dwiggins, Sandra (NCI) on wed 5 apr 00

The above subject is an example of what we can do to change these threads when
the subject line has nothing further to do with the content of the message.
Will make Mel's life alot easier.

ANYWAY--here's my helpful hint for the day. A wonderful handbuilder I met
recently...Christy Cole from VA...uses Pellon to make her slabs smooth. She
rolls her clay out on very heavy pellon she gets from the fabric store. It's
really great! Get the heaviest pellon you can. Pellon is the stuff that
makes your clothing keep its shape. It's in shirt collars, and tailors use it.
You should use a different piece for each clay color. Not only does it make
smooth slabs, it doesn't stretch or bunch up. No need to ever wash it, either.

Don, the other thing that's really good for rolling slabs is printer's mats.
It's what printers throw away after they've printed a run of something. If you
can find a small printing company in your town that has old ones, they probably
would give them to you at no cost, since they just throw them out.


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At the NCECA I purchased a 'mat' to use instead of canvas on the slab roller.
(What button did I push to make all this underline?) This eliminates the step
of having to sponge the canvas texture marks off the top of the clay slab. The
wiping will distort the slab's thickness making it wavy. It works just great.
If you are interested, I'll send you the info.....or, better, if the mfg's or
distributers of the item I am mentioning are lurking, perhaps they can get you
the info. I think it cost $15.
Joanne in Tucson

Don Jones wrote:

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> Dear Group,
> I am currently reinventing the wheel (in this case the tile process). I
> have a North Star slab roller, Giorgini's book, and I am rolling out 3/8"
> slabs to use in 6" and 8" tiles. To get the canvas texture off the slab, I
> wet it down with a sponge and rub it until a slip appears. Then I squeegee
> it off and use a bisque tile as a template to cut out the tiles. Drying is
> between plaster wall boards. It is working ok but each tile when finished
> has a slightly wavy, handmade look to it that I hope people will like.
> I am currently making 12" square tiles using a fatter slab. These are still
> in the research stage but I have high hopes. I decorate them with my usual
> sky designs. There is a big crafts fair coming up in June here in
> Albuquerque where I will market test them. I'll let you know how it goes.
> Don Jones