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updated fri 7 apr 00


j nickson on thu 6 apr 00

Earl, You could take some pictures of works from unknowns and ask on
clayart for people to identify them. This could be in a "semi-private"
area so it isn't really "on the web". If the works were in a show, are
they already "semi-public"?
Example, here is a picture of the road to my place that I put up that only
clay art people know of: There
are ways to keep search engines and things off the area; we can do that
offline if anyone wants.
Does this actually resolve anything? I'm not sure. Difference without a

>Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000 16:07:53 EDT
>.From: Tasha Olive
>Subject: Re: NCECA
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Earl, Probably not.....but how about the ones that you do know the names of?
>Personally I cannot imagine that anyone would be offended at having tier
>work in the public eye, but who knows? Tasha in Roswell
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F>rom: Earl Brunner
>Date: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 12:21 PM
>Subject: Re: NCECA

>>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>>After editing I have about 75 digital images, mostly pottery
>>various exhibits at NCECA, I would be happy to share,
>>however I'm in
>>abit of a quandry. I only know some of the clay artists. I
>>doubt it
>>would be ethical to post their pots on the web without their
>>and/or proper identification and recognition....

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