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clay teachers please respond!

updated sun 9 apr 00


Andy/Liz Mellen on sat 8 apr 00

Hi, its Liz Mellen here again. Thankyou to all who responded to my previous
e-questionnaire, but this dissertation needs to be 20000 words long, so I =
do with more help=21 Anyone who has time to reply to the following =
questions gets
my personal thanks:

1. Considering the possible risks to health in making glazes with your
students, do you still consider it a worthwhile activity?

2. In reality how seriously do you take health and safety issues in the
ceramics classroom?

Any interesting details from the =22shop floor=22 gratefully received. Also =
to know
the type of student you teach.

Thanks, in anticipation,

Liz Mellen.
Enjoying spring sunshine on the south coast of England