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nceca clayart reception

updated sun 9 apr 00


Murray & Bacia Edelman on sat 8 apr 00

Diana Pancioli wrote:
>Dear Kurt:
>You are right. I want to lend my voice to the thanks to Alice and Feriz
>for the generous reception they provided Clayart. I certainly enjoyed

Ditto from me! They happen to be delightful people to talk to as well. I
to write them a note by U.S. mail with thanks because I thought they might
not know
about kudos on Clayart and wrote that to Kurt. He prefers that I tell you
so here again:
They have provided us with receptions and in the past, t-shirts with their
and been most gracious and generous. Thanks to Alice and Feriz Delkic for
your generosity.

Bacia Edelman