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ceramic residency program/ university of miami

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University of Miami Ceramics Residency Program

The ceramics department is looking for a qualified ceramic artist with a
MFA in Ceramics for a one year residency during the year 2000 - 2001.
Potters, vessel makers and ceramic sculptors are encouraged to apply.

The resident will be expected to perform a minimal amount of work per
week around the ceramic department. This includes helping to load and
fire kilns and occasional demonstrations for students.

The residency includes:

1. A private studio space 2. Some clay and glaze materials for the year
3. Free kiln firings 4. An exhibit in the Art Department's New Gallery

5. Qualified individuals have the possibility to teach in 3-D design,
drawing, adult education, or ceramic education program in the Miami

The ceramics area is approximately 5,000 square feet, and is surrounded
by tropical landscaping. Other areas that are located in dose proximity
are the sculpture and glass facilities.

The ceramics facility includes:

* 6 Electric Kilns 28" / 36", a 28" stacking to 75" in ht, and a 30" x
42" x 27"kiln

* 36" and 24" wide Brent slab rollers

* Brent extruder

* Ball mill

* 12" test kiln, 18" test kiln

* 60 and 100 cubic foot down draft car kilns

* 50 cubic foot salt kiln

* 30" drum hoist Raku kiln

* Bluebird clay Mixer, Soldner mixer

* 18 electric wheels (Brent, Shimpo, Pacifica)

The glass facility includes:
92 glass tanks, 2 glory holes, I garage, I pipe warmer, 2 benches, 4
annealing ovens, plus a number of other tools to make this a fully
functioning glass facility.

Applicants should send a letter of interest by May 1, 2000, stating
resume, 20 slides, 2 letters of recommendation, and a SASE to
Christine Federighi, Professor, Ceramics
University of Miami
Department of Art and Art History
1300 Campo Sano Drive
Coral Gables, Florida, 33124.
For further questions please call the ceramics department at (305)