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podia for art displays

updated wed 12 apr 00


Teresa Speakman on mon 10 apr 00

Does anybody know of a source for podia to display ware at galleries or
shows? Any sources such as catalogs or internet sites are appreciated.
Thanks. -Teresa in Ohio

June Perry on mon 10 apr 00

An inexpensive method is to go to a box store and get some heavy duty boxes.
They come in many sizes. You can even order them on the Internet if you don't
have a local source. Our local stores keeps some sizes on hand which is nice
because you don't have to buy a packet. You can just purchase what you need.
These fold for storage and you can spray paint them white or whatever color
would suit your work. For tops, you can use plywood or whatever your wood of
choice, with a simple of fancy molding around it. You want molding that is
deeper than the thickness of the top board so that when you tack it to the
board edges, it will come down far enough to hug the box. It creates a pretty
solid display unit that is easy to store. I coated my lids with a matt deck
varnish for a natural light wood look and painted my boxes a pale, grayish
blue which made a nice display for my work at the time.
The boxes are only a few dollars each, and if they eventually wear, you still
have the lids and you just buy another box for a couple of dollars.


Carolynn Palmer on tue 11 apr 00

We bought sono tubes used for pouring cement footings from our local huge
building supplier, painted them and fitted them with tops. They work really
well and are lightweight and portable. These heavy cardboard tubes come many
diameters from 6 inches to 36 inches and they can be cut to any height.

-Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan

Stanley Irvin on tue 11 apr 00


I have had good success with cardboard sona (not sure of the correct
spelling)tubes cut to length with a table saw or a hand saw. You can
then cut a circular shape from a piece of three quarter inch plywood
so that it fits snugly in the end of the tube. Use small nails to
tack the end piece in place and paint the whole thing with a roller.
The best thing about this idea is that they are easy to build and
inexpensive. Though I love not having to drag around heavy wood
display pedestals, You may feel a need to place a brick inside for
more stability. For that reason, I would recommend the larger
diameter ones. Sona tubes are available at lumber stores in varying
diameters from about 6" to 12" and probably larger.

Stan Irvin