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why japanese potters would not attempt tea bowl making until after

updated tue 11 apr 00


Aiko Ichimura on mon 10 apr 00

Hi Lee,

You wrote :

> I've been told that typically, potters here do not attempt tea
> bowl making until after they are 50 (haha, I have 4 years to go! ;^) )

It is common to start pottery making from early 20s or earlier nowadays.
It is awfully long time to wait until you reach 50 . What are the reasons
for this, in your opinion ?. I assume that it is not that dificult to make
a tea bowl technically. Making tea pot must be more dificult than making
a tea bowl technically. There must be something else. Or, is this one of
the tradition bound habits that you have to follow and respect without
a good reason? I assume also that this is only for professional potters
and not for amateur potters who make pots for private uses.

I am impressed by your readiness to accept the Japanese tradition.
I've heard so often that Japanese pottery studios have two standards: one
for Japanese
potters and another for foreigners( gaijin potters) and allows the foreigner
potters to
do things that the Japanese apprentices were not allowed.

Aiko Ichimura
NW DC 20036 USA