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don holloway's crystalline glaze workshop

updated sun 16 apr 00


Lori Locklear on tue 11 apr 00


Has anyone attended Don Holloway's crystalline glaze workshop? If so, can
you tell me what hotel you stayed in, how you got to and from his studio and
how the workshop was in general.



David Eickholt on wed 12 apr 00

Hi you might want to e-mail Sherry Lutz about this, she took it a year or two
ago and was really pleased .... hope this helps

Sherry Lutz on sat 15 apr 00

Lori, I attended Don's crystalline workshop about two years ago and have =
doing crystal glazes ever since. In the five days we were there, we threw =
pots and catchbowls, mixed glazes , applied them and fired the pots- and we =
left with crystals =21 A lot to do in five days=21 Don's workshop was very
informative and he supplied everything but your tools, as well as, a =
covering the process and glaze recipes. It's one thing to read about a =
but quite another to sit there and do it yourself with someone with 20 plus
years of experience present. Speeds up the learning process. As far as =
and directions, Don usually sends a list of nearby hotels and a map to get =
his studio in Monroe, Louisiana. If you have any other questions feel free =
email me at:

Sherry Lutz