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sv: why clayart is primarily english speaking

updated wed 12 apr 00


Alisa and Claus Clausen on tue 11 apr 00

Dear Elizabeth and Clayart,

Children in school in Denmark all begin English from the third or fourth =
They also begin a second language a bit later.
In this particular region, southern Jutland, most of the population speak
German as well, as we are so close to Germany's Northern boarder.

I could fairly easily conduct my daily business in Denmark in English,
as it is rare to find someone who cannot speak, or least understand.

Antoinette's comment about French and German being a competitor to
English caught my attention.

On the international ships I worked on, there were up to 40 nationalities of
crew on board. The common and demanded language was English.

I personally think that this may true, however, not due to the amount of =
and French speakers in the world, compared to English. I think it has to =
in principle, of a national pride. In most of the French speaking countrie =
I have been in, I found it more difficult to get by with English, because =
French like
to speak and be spoken to in French. On the other hand, (I have a French =
I found it was better to speak English than non perfect French.
English in other parts of the world was always the common denominator for
visitors and
countrymen for communication.

More or less the same for German. Both German speaking crew and passengers I=
in contact
with, preferred or demanded German to be spoken, even if they were =
proficeint in English. (Not good for me, nicht Duetsch).

Oddly enough, when I am in German to shop and I stumble through some bad =
the checkout, the check out person can sometimes get rude and snippy with =
me. I
do not
know what they assume, but with poor language, one usually seems the =
As soon
as I switch over to English or Danish, the checkout person's attitude =
lightens up.
The table has turned maybe. Language is such a huge part of one's identity,=
I have learned
so well, so well=21

I am forever interested in language.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

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Fra: elizabeth priddy
Dato: 10. april 2000 02:53
Emne: why clayart is primarily english speaking

=3E----------------------------Original message----------------------------
=3Eprobably a limiting factor for other nationalities than american is that =
=3EI am curious, isn't english commonly spoken around the world? or is this =
just a
=3Emisperception on my part. I was influenced
=3Etowards the idea that english is usually the
=3Emost common second language in the world by
=3Espeaking to many native chinese in english.
=3Eand many other nationals that I have met say
=3Ethat they learned english as a second language
=3Ein school. In american schools, the second
=3Elanguage most popular is either french or
=3Espanish, but i bet that the most common second
=3Elanguage taught internationally is english and
=3Ethat makes it the better candidate as language
=3Eof choice, simply by volume.
=3EI wish I had some statistics...
=3EElizabeth Priddy
=3EClay: 12,000 yrs and still fresh=21
=3EOn Sun, 2 Apr 2000 13:35:24 L. P. Skeen wrote:
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=3E=3EFerrenc wrote:
=3E=3ESubject: Re: What is clayart
=3E=3E=3E ----------------------------Original =
=3E=3E=3E =3E I have only been on Clayart for about 4 months. I've learned a=
=3E=3E=3E =3E and hopefully helped a few people and would like to continue =
this. Never
=3E=3E=3E the less I WOULD like to see an improvement. I would like Clart =
to be
=3E=3E=3E North American and more international.
=3E=3EDear Ferrenc,
=3E=3EThis IS an international list. Yes, there are more N. Americans than =
=3E=3Eon the list, but the list is not in any way exclusive and is =
accessible to
=3E=3Eanyone who has email. If you know more ceramists from other =
=3E=3EPLEASE have them join=3B they are welcome and provide a very nice =
access to
=3E=3Einformation about their countries that would otherwise be missing. :)
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