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aluminum. english? eventually

updated tue 18 apr 00


iandol on mon 17 apr 00

Dearm Gavin,

Sorry to have offended you. Was I so violent. Certainly there was no =
to be abusive. I am sure other's would like to know more.

Yes, I know Aluminum is standard usage in the United States Of America and =
RP is Aa-loo-min-um.The etymology of the terms we use for that light =
silver metal is interesting.

It is derived from Alum, the double salt of Potassium Aluminium Sulphate. =
means Bitter. Alum was used as an astringent in ancient Greece and Rome. I =
it was also used in embalming. Humphry Davy could not isolate the metal but
proposed that it should be called Alumium and then changed his mind an =
Aluminum. So the American usage had its origins in the Old Country. The name=
Humphry proposed was modified to Aluminium after the metal was isolated and
adopted by the rest of the World. Sometime after the Boston Tea Party, I =
in 1925, the ACS made a decision to adopt Aluminum in it=92s publications.
Contentedly I accept their will.

So when it is the raw metal which is being discussed use either term. When =
it is
the oxide it has to be Alumina. When it is something which may have been
dissolved from a glaze it will be neither. It might be Alum.Sulphate,
Alum.Chloride, Alum.Acetate, Alum.Tartrate or some other salt in solution if
they are soluble in aqua.

Hope you are appeased

Best wishes,