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clips for photo display

updated wed 19 apr 00 on tue 18 apr 00

Perhaps somebody has cracked this nut for me. I am finally girded up to
deal with all the years of photos I want to display. I don't like frames,
even if I could afford them, and want to invent my own system of clipping
together a piece of (cheap) 1/8" glass which I can cut from large sheets,
the photo, and a piece of mat board, 2 clips to a side, 8 per photo, and
then connect them at the back with a piece of wire that would support it on
the wall.

Clear plastic appeals but metal would be good if it was small enough. I
know the systems they sell have these little metal clips that secure into
a piece of masonite and have a hole for a wire. Very snazzy and it would
be nice to be able to buy just the little clips in quantity.

I had one catalog around, Outwater, and with the zillions of plastic bits
of this and that they don't seem to have anything I can imagine will do the
job. Checked Grainger and nothing small. Checked Dick Blick art catalog
and they have a bunch of systems they'll sell me but its way overkill and I
can't begin to afford any of it.

Spent all our $$ on new studio (not done yet but floor sure is nice and
warm) and need to do this on the super-cheap. Think it would be nice
before our kid goes off to college to be able to see a bit of her childhood
on the walls.


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