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mug exchange deadbeats

updated wed 19 apr 00


Chris Schafale on tue 18 apr 00

I've been disappointed to hear that there have been several people
who have not received their stay-at-home mug exchange mugs yet.
I just want to note, for anyone who cares, that I am keeping track
of these incidents, and that those who did not fulfill their
commitment in a timely way this year will not be welcome to
participate next year. If you are one of those who has not received
a mug, and you haven't emailed me already, please do.

If you are not a true deadbeat -- i.e., if your mother died, your kiln
blew up, you broke your arm, you had the plague, or whatever,
won't you please get in touch with your mug partner and let them
know what's going on? Most people are quite tolerant of delay, as
long as they know the reason. So communicate, already! If you
have lost or misplaced the name or email address of your partner
(you know, the one who sent you the mug??) you can let me know,
and I will be happy to supply the information again.

Please note that being disappointed with the mug you received is
no excuse for not doing your half of the exchange.

The mug police,

Chris Schafale
Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
(south of Raleigh)