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tea bowls and english as she is spoke

updated wed 19 apr 00


Toni Martens on tue 18 apr 00

I find myself ranged on the side of Elizabeth and Joyce on this
subject. (well on the tea bowls anyway, I am probably out on a limb
regarding language) I can respect other cultures, of course I can, I
might be a raw ex-colonial and all that, but I can both respect and
admire other cultures and arts.
However, the awe in which some westerners hold tea bowls leaves
me feeling "well, yes but do we have to get bogged down in it? We
have simple but beautiful too?"
I don't hold with ugly avant garde for avant gardes' sake either, one
should strive for beauty and form and let that speak for itself, let it
make it's music and it should not strike a dischord, merely for the
sake of being out of tune. If ugly is making a statement, well and
good, but then it is not meant to me 'liked; is it?
I am not slamming those who do hold these things in high esteem,
but so often people tend to look down their noses at one if you hold
different values. Probably that is what irks me or is it the current
thread on 'proper and educational language" that has my blood up?
This list IS a learning tool, it and it's people have been instrumental
in stretching many potters out there who have grown and flourished
because of Clayart, which is in essence it's people, but does it
really have to be pedantic and pompous? If you don't understand
you can ask, isn't that the beauty of the list?
English is by and large my third language, I learned Sotho first and
then Afrikaans and only then English, I don't think I mangle it too
much, but if I do, well, write and ask me and I will endevour to
confuse you even more
Toni, somewhat irreverently from Durban, South Africa wondering
where winter went