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nceca mug exchange deadbeats

updated thu 20 apr 00


vince pitelka on wed 19 apr 00

I saw the post about stay-home mug-exchange deadbeats, and it reminded me of
something I have been wanting to say about the mug exchange at NCECA. I
know for a fact that some of the better known potter/members of Clayart who
attended NCECA and brought mugs for the mug exchange, chose instead to trade
their mugs with one another on the side, and did not submit a mug for the
exchange in the Clayart hospitality suite. I was really bothered by this.
Is it really that big a deal to put one of your mugs into the exchange, and
risk the possibility of getting one which does not excite you? I do not see
the issue. It smacks of snobbery and eliteism, and it does not seem to fit
the spirt of Clayart. Those of you who chose to trade your mugs outside of
the Clayart exchange, please consider this: it probably took you less time
to make your mug than it did for most of the other potters who contributed
mugs to the exchange. Take a chance here, and have fun with it.

As long as we keep doing the Clayart mug exchange, I would implore EVERY
Clayart member who comes to NCECA to bring a mug for the exchange. Bring
additional ones and trade 'em around however you want. But please do bring
one for the mug exchange.
Best wishes -
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
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