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updated sat 22 apr 00


Harrison Worsley on thu 20 apr 00

Hello all,
This is my first time using this service and I hope it is an appropriate
use. I'm sure if it isn't someone will tell me quickly enough.

I would like to pursue post graduate study in the field of ceramics and am
interested in finding out what institutions around the world offer masters
degrees to people whose only language is english.

I am especially interested in instituitions that offer ways of supplementing
the financing of such a venture through scholarships bursaries, internships,
workstudy, TA positions etc.

My undergraduate degree is Education (Art specialty) but I would like to
open my own studio to produce primarily functional pottery and feel the need
of a more specialised education than my 20 years of trial and error have

I have Petersons guide to visual arts education in N. America and that is
helpful however I need the sort of information available in a University
calander to understand if they offer what I am after.

I am currently living in Japan and access to resources and internet time is
extremely limited so advice on good sources of information relating to my
goals would be valuable.

I hope this request is in the spirit of information exchange that I
understand Clayart to represent.

Thankyou very much, Harrison Worsley
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Louis H.. Katz on fri 21 apr 00

Dear Harrison Worsley,
You can accesss information on ceramics institutions at the NCECA site or from the link below. The Ceramic Institutions Database is
searchable for MFA programs and other information. If you want to find MFA
programs with wood kilns and more than five instructors in North Dakota, it is
the place to look.
It is not a complete list, but gets more hits by the day the number of schools
in the database is growing.

Louis Katz
NCECA Director of Electronic Communication and Webmaster(Ad-Hoc)
Texas A&M-CC Division of Visual and Performing Arts
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