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mug exchange/uncle teabowl

updated fri 21 apr 00


mel jacobson on thu 20 apr 00

oh, my...may i join vince. several of us witnessed
the 'not mug exchange'...and the director of mug
exchanges almost exploded. her blood pressure is
still very high.

of course, by chance alone i got a john neely mug.
just love it. and i was able to bring home several other
mugs, one for kurt that i love as much. (nan's)

several people left their exchange mugs on the table while
chatting and i think people may have mis-read that. most
all got to the rightful owners.

i still just giggle out loud when i see all the funny mugs that
i own from folks around the country that swapped with me. and
man, some of them are really goofey mugs...but, all made with
care and concern. well, as we say, mess with folks, and get all
puffed up...and all we do is stick you with a pin...and the air comes
out fast.

i really have to mention the fact that as you age in this business
your eyes get rather good at spotting treasures. i would guess that
old japanese tea master has seen a few pots in his day.

it is like opening a kiln full, sorting them all out, picking your favorites.
it may be only one or two from a group of 100...but, you will find
the ones you like best. set them aside.
that is what teabowl selection is all about. looking for one that is just
perfect. if done with honesty and, nothing wrong
with that. just a search. we all do it all the time.

it is only the dumby that just 'loves everything, oh, aren't those
all just wonderful?' no, not really. it is what tony keeps talking about.
set a standard, look and make what you love...and then find one
or two each firing that makes the mark. the search is everything.

spring is trying, but, failing.

minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a (website)