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mug exchange etc.

updated sat 22 apr 00


Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts on fri 21 apr 00

Apparently Vince and a few others take personal offence with my statements
regarding the Mug exchange. They feel I got their point of view wrong.
Especially Vince P.

On re reading the posts I am not sure I agree with them but If that is the
case I do humbly appologize for the offense and missunderstanding.

Especially to you Vince. Though your opinions are often stated in rather
harsh terms; they are always cogent and worth a read. It pains me to think I
have offended you and I again appologize in public.

Having said that; and with no implied or other reference to any person in
particular, my points of view and observations vis a vis NCECA, the Mug
Exchange and Clayart stand as stated, independent of any other clayart post
or anyone elses position.

Signing off,

Terry M. Sullivan