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nceca 2001 empty bowls event

updated sat 29 apr 00


Chris Schafale on sat 22 apr 00

To recap for anyone who missed it or was misled by the title of my
previous post,

I'm working on putting together an Empty Bowls event to be held in
Charlotte, North Carolina during NCECA next March. My idea is to
solicit "just one bowl" from as many potters as possible in the
geographical region around Charlotte, and also from those potters
who will be attending NCECA, and for that matter from any potter
anywhere who wants to participate.

The reason for my geographical title in my last post was that right
now, all I'm doing is trying to get some leads on potters groups and
other sources of potters mailing lists, so that I can get in touch
with all those potters out there in the mid-south region. I still need
help with this, by the way!

Once I've ironed out the details, I'll be getting back in touch with
anyone who has expressed interest to let them know about
when/where/how to deliver their bowl.

So, if you want to be part of a fabulous exhibition and sale of bowls
to benefit hunger relief, make a wonderful bowl and set it aside.
And tell all your potter friends to do the same!

You'll be hearing from me about what to do with it in the coming months


> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Chris,
> Would you please post your request again? If it is an Empty Bowls event, I
> would be interested in shipping a bowl. That is assuming that I would have
> enough time to make one. Sorry I overlooked your first request. I'm in
> Michigan, so I deleted without reading.
> Kathryn
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> From: "John Hartom"
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> Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 2:29 PM
> Subject: Re: NC, SC, GA, TN potters -- help!
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> > Chris-
> > Have you spoken with the food bank people yet about NCECA? Probably a
> good
> > place to start. You might also post our website on your next posting:
> >
> > People can get a better understanding of the project. Keep me posted.
> > John

Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
(south of Raleigh)

Merle Davis on sun 23 apr 00

hi Chris, we spoke in the past about this. I am in columbia, south Carolina,
and do the newsletter for my clay group, Midlands Clayart socity. I gave your
letter about the Empty Bowls project to our VP to discuss at the next
meeting. thanks for your organizational efforts. Merle Davis

Kathryn L Farmer on sun 23 apr 00

This strikes me as a big hearted group. You may want to go ahead and rent a
stoage unit for all of the incoming bowls, Chris.


Chris Schafale on tue 25 apr 00

Such problems I will be only too delighted to have!! I'm sure the
Food Bank has all the warehouse space we need, so bring 'em on!


> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> This strikes me as a big hearted group. You may want to go ahead and rent a
> stoage unit for all of the incoming bowls, Chris.
> Kathryn

Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, USA
(south of Raleigh)

John Hartom on fri 28 apr 00

Sunny and 60 here for the past several days so I have been in the garden.
Its been great to have a little break from the computer and the tasks inside.
Its beautiful again today but I wanted to make sure I had responded to the
work you are doing for NCECA. (And I have no faith that the letter I sent
several days ago got through due to
AOL difficulties I encountered.) Your plan is fantastic. You have created
the perfect partnership between the potters and the food bank. The food bank
people should be able to find a space, maybe right at their warehouse. They
can also do almost all of the local publicity. You or I will need to alert
NCECA and see if they will include information about it in their packets. We
can certainly do a lot on site to promote the event. We have some great
Empty Bowls stickers we could give to everyone donating a bowl or attending
the event and ask them to put the sticker on their name tag. Gerry and Julie
Williams would probably we willing to let us set a bowl and maybe even a
poster on their Studio Potter booth. Maybe we can get some of the vendors to
do the same. Please send me your address, phone number, etc as well as the
name, address and phone number of your contact person at the food bank. I
would like to send them a packet of information. Lisa and I will probably be
visiting her folks in Winston-Salem this summer some time and it would be
nice if we could meet somewhere in NC. We will be visiting Paulus Berensohn
at Penland as well. He was very excited about your efforts and promised that
"every potter on this mountain will donate a bowl." That is quite a
meaningful thought since that would include Paulus, Cynthia Bringle, Nick
Jorling, Will and Douglass (Rankin and Ruggles, Suze Lindsey, Jon Ellenbogen,
Stanley Anderson and more.
Thank you for undertaking this effort. It is going to be fabulous. We'll
chat soon.