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nil's wood

updated sun 23 apr 00


mel jacobson on sat 22 apr 00

what the hay are you old guys doing splitting wood?
using axes...someone could get hurt.
those are very difficult tools to use...hand work.
i hope you have instruction.

and remember don, left handed throwers should
never use heavy machinery.

but, that last time i was at nil's kiln, there was a
huge stack of wood, ready cut, bound in bundles.
of course someone else was firing the kiln, they were
using had to pay for fuel.

now that nils has you, man, wood splitter all the way.

we have found a source of 1x1 sticks, about 10 feet long.
we just stack them, and slice with a chain saw to length.
think it is going to be just great.

sorry if i confused the world.
minnetonka, minnesota, u.s.a (website)