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berkeley potters guild spring sale

updated mon 24 apr 00


Rikki Gill on sun 23 apr 00

Hi Everyone, Apparently I left out some important info on my last message. =
web site address is
And the ikibana demos are by Susan Hamamoto and DianaChornankaya. =
will also be done by Virginia Logan. We are planning to have the demos =
1:ooand 3:00 each day of the show. We are located at 731 Jones St. in =
between the University and Gilman streets off ramp of 880. There are =
details on
the website. Also we are south of Gilman, north of cedar, between 4th and =
We put out A- frame signs as well. I might also add that we are located in=
most interesting retail area of Berkeley, great shops, wonderful food. =
studios will also be open. I am almost always there during the show, so =
and say hi. Rikki