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fw: mug exchange

updated mon 24 apr 00


Pamala Browne on sun 23 apr 00

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From: Pamala Browne
To: Ceramic Arts Discussion List
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2000 6:19 PM
Subject: mug exchange

> I haven't sent my mug out yet -- I could list the 10( or more )
> why it isn't on it's way to dear, patient Lynn Ellis in Canada , but it
> seem to some of you that I am just making excuses for being a 'deadbeat'.
> Lynn ,I got your mug and I love it -- I do not have your e-mail
> or I would have written already.I have your snail -mail , but finding a
> piece of paper and getting a stamp on it right now is even more difficult
> than finding studio time. My apologies. Lighten up pamalab