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updated fri 14 may 04


Linda Fletcher on sun 23 apr 00

A few years back I went to an exhibit of a collection of Japanese pottery. I
wrote down this statement made by one of the potters whose work was in the =
=22Pottery is a work of the soul, not of the hands. Since a pot is to be =
touched and put to the lips, the potter must be completely sincere when =
making a
-Kimura Morikazu
If a potter works in this manner, isn't s/he honoring the essence of the =
philosophy, and consequently =22worthy=22 of making something that could be =
called a
Just my 2 cents worth before this discussion rests in peace.
in New Hampshire where it won't stop raining and I want to rake the leaves I
never rake in the fall =21

mel jacobson on thu 13 may 04

i have started to use:

most western potters do not
know the real difference anyway.

yes, read morgan's paper. it will help.

so often people try and pass off any
sort of loppy bowl as a traditional japanese
chawan, or tea ceremony bowl. it is a bit
more complex than that. hard to look at a picture
in a book and just copy and say....`chawan` missouri

the tea ceremony was about a great deal
more than tea. in fact the word tea is not
really used in the east.

cha, chi, o/cha (green) ko/cha (red)
are tea words.

think of tea and replace that word with `meditation`.
if you think you know what it is all about, you probably
don't have a clue.
like so many things in other cultures, it is never simple
or easy to understand. knowing the language helps.

western folks often like to make simple explanations
for complex thought...sort of the `hollywood` explanation.
not a good way to understand complex thought and concepts.
i do not pretend to have many answers. it is very `japanese`.
up early and have the gas kiln going.
a perfect 1:30 a.m. start. clear, 50 degrees, light wind.
alone with the kiln. no phones or sounds.
late spring, two flats of `impatients` sitting waiting for dirt.
zinnias in packages. mother's day is past.
time to plant things.
but, no rush, nothing will happen for at least two more weeks
with seeds.
thinking about sam's boy, my boy...both dead.
addictions, hard times.
it is like the old winston churchill saying...`if you are going
through hell, run`.
the pain never goes away, you just learn how to cope with it...
and learn to ignore it. the only thing to do is wait it out.
touchstones don't really work. works for hallmark, not for me.
and, when people say `oh, what can we do to help? ` i say.
`wash the windows in my house. paint the porch, mow the lawn.`
opps, where did they go? anyway, mark's tree farm is growing.
many of you gave me a tree. i love those trees.
a friend that has a seasonal garden store has asked me to
pick up all the trees and bushes left over on july 1 and plant
them in mark's tree farm.
he hates throwing them out. i am going to do that.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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