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updated mon 24 apr 00


Louis H.. Katz on sun 23 apr 00

I'm considering giving up making teabowls until I've been dead at least ten
years. By then they might be worth something. Ron Roy tells me he actually
uses one of my leaky teabowls.....
stores pencils in it.
If you haven't sent a short " I nominate Joe Molinaro for an NCECA Honor"
(ya don't need to writie any more than that) letter to: time is short, I have to turn the nominations in.
This is an honor that will stay with him for years. He deserves it wether
he thinks he does or not.
My 40+ rank organ is about 2/3's moved into storage. Most of the metal
pipes are made out of Tin and Lead. None appear to be pure zinc as I first
suspected. Over 2000 pipes. The "relay" or switch box weights above 200#.
The organ stored is going to fill about a two car garage.

Louis Katz
NCECA Director of Electronic Communication and Webmaster(Ad-Hoc)
Texas A&M-CC Division of Visual and Performing Arts
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