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cultural values ; was re: teabowl attitudes

updated tue 25 apr 00


Lee Love on mon 24 apr 00

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From: Don & Isao Morrill

| Sorry for the diatribe but please, always ask yourself: "Who
| benefits?" Certainly not the majority of Japanese people, held forever in
| the thrall of cultural isolation from the rest of the world. An isolation
| which is deepened daily,by thousands of gai-jin.

Call me clueless Don, but I don't know what your post has to do with the one
of mine you quote. I pointed out that in Japan, the cups do not have
handles. In the West they do. In Japan, the handless cups are better.
In the West, the handled cups are better. What does that have to do with
left-wing politics? :^) Maybe you are refering to another post of mine.
One common thing that Japanese tend to like to stress is how different they
are compared to the rest of the world. They have more in common with the
rest of the world than they like to believe.

Actually, the problem is not social heirarchy here. It is
materialism (just like in America.) Like Mishima said, a green snake has
infested the heart of Japan.

Sometimes, it _is_ up to the educated people to carry on the
culture. Is this elitist? Maybe so, but if you've ever seen the
Kurosawa movie, Seven Samurai, you might have an idea about how this works.

Japan is not isolated. It is being swallowed by "global culture",
mass media and marketing, day by day, just like the rest of the
industrialized world. It is a shame that our great, great grand kids might
not know what a foreign place is like.

You might say "dame" (wrong.) I say "chigau" (different.)

Lee Love
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