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what a mug!

updated tue 25 apr 00


Jeanne Melchior on mon 24 apr 00

Oh I love mugs. With handles, without handles, fat and thin. There are of
course, as many kinds of perfect mugs as there are people. I have special
mugs for different things. I have one for my morning coffee--rounded and
smooth, another for tea--tall and thin, and one that I use when I am
sick--my nose fits inside the rim and I can inhale the steam. My kids and
friends have favorites too, and we all feel sad when one is broken, like
losing an old friend. Even broken mugs can be useful--holding spoons, for
example. I like handles on my mugs (call the ones without handles "hoosier
teabowls"). I still am working on getting the handles right--will probably
take me the rest of my life. There is a sense of negative space that has
to be just right for the handle to seem as if it flows from the cup rather
than being tacked on. In my perfect world of the imagination, all dishes
would be hand made and would be very valuable. We would each have only a
few and would take great care with what we had. Lots of potte
rs could work at what they love to make wonderful dishes for the rest of
the world. But that's another story. Back to the world of 2000.
Jeanne Melchior