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number of wood kilns in us

updated thu 27 apr 00


Merrie Boerner on tue 25 apr 00

I have one in central Mississippi....and the only other working ones in the
state that I know of are at Univ. of Southern MS and at MS State University.
However, there is growing interest and ADDICTION !!!! I'm playing a huge
part in that : )
Craving the flame,

Charles G Hughes on wed 26 apr 00

Here in central PA (State College) , we have 2 at PSU, we have 3 in Jack
Troy country (about 1/2 hour away) and one in Snoe Shoe (or was it Zion?) I
know there is at least one in Bloomsburg, PA about 1 hour from here. Could
be more, there are potters hiding in all the bushes. There is some kind of
romance associated with living in the country and firing
woodkilns....hmmmm....good idea!